Ovolo Wraps

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Ovolo Wraps Etsy
  • Ombre

    Ombre wraps are uniquely woven on a small dobby loom in plain weave and in very limited batches. They are woven with 8/2 cotton for both warp and weft, have lots of stretch, and amazing drape making them great for the teeniest newborn through toddlerhood. 275 gsm, 100% 8/2 Cotton.

  • Ascend

    Ovolo Ascend is a classic herringbone design available in two color options. The tight weave structure of this wrap is unlikely to get pulls and will become a workhorse wrap in your stash. It is the second member of the Ovolo Budget Line and comes with a matching tote bag. 267 gsm, 100% Cotton.

  • Summit

    Summit wraps are the first release in the Ovolo Budget Line with a bold color block design. The weave structure used in Summit is tight yet provides just the right amount of grip. You won’t need to worry about pulls or snags and Summit will quickly become your favorite workhorse wrap. 350 gsm.  100% Cotton.

  • Lark

    Lark was designed by our very own graphic artist, Hiller Higman.  A landscape design, Lark stands out amongst Ovolo creations. Silky soft and supportive, Lark wraps work best with older infants and toddlers. Gsm varies with color, 100% Cotton.

  • Heartwood

    Ovolo Wraps second featured wrap, Heartwood, is a stunning wood grain design.   The first in a series of colors and weights, Heartwood Onyx, is woven on a classic onyx warp with silver weft.  Lighter weight than our original Fletching design, Heartwood weighs in at a 257 gsm.  100% Cotton.

  • Fletching

    Ovolo Wraps first featured wrap, Fletching, is woven on a gorgeous cream colored warp with a colored weft. A bit “beastly” at first, Fletching breaks in nicely to a soft drape and almost silky feel and will provide the most amazing support for you and your babe. 305 gsm, 100% Cotton.